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Addressing applications across Industry, R&D, Defence and Security, we have targeted hardware and software solutions for established, topical, and emerging applications. Our product portfolio, expertise and technology partners enable us to tailor specific solutions to your applications, and if we don’t have a solution for your application, then we’re happy to provide advice and point you in the right direction.

Advanced Materials

Material science requires various evaluations and analyses to successfully research and develop new cutting-edge materials. New materials such as graphene, ultra-fine particles, optical catalysts, hybrid materials and polymer gels are currently receiving a great deal of attention and Quark Photonics is proud to partner with you by providing a range of analytical tools tailored to the evaluation and characterisation of these and other cutting-edge materials.

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Archaeology, Art and Museums

Throughout history culture has been synonymous with the rise of civilization resulting in countless works of art, such as beautiful jade sculptures, paintings, ceramics, textiles, glass, and more. Investigating the minerals, pigments, enamel, fibers and lacquer that protect these priceless relics helps us to understand more about history and human culture. Quark Photonics offers a range of rapid and non-destructive solutions for the analysis of these precious cultural relics and artefacts, assisting researchers in the authentication and preservation of these works.

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With rapid advances in portable electronic devices and computers, battery technology has seen significant growth in recent years. With this trend expected to continue, research and development into portable batteries and power generation system storage batteries, including electric car batteries and renewable energy from solar batteries and wind power generation is essential. Quark Photonics offer a range of solutions tailored to improving battery energy and power density, enhancing life span and increasing safety.

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Biology / Life Sciences

The Life Sciences encompass a broad range of disciplines and technologies and Quark Photonics offers high-precision optical and sensing technologies to suit many applications across this field. Whether it involve research into drug discovery, protein research, vaccine development, imaging, medical diagnostics or nucleic acid analysis, Quark Photonics can offer a solution to your application.

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Education and Research

Education and research are fundamental to a progressive society and at Quark Photonics we are dedicated to supporting these fields. From the high school classroom to the university research laboratory and beyond, we can offer an affordable solution to your application.

High School Classrooms and Undergraduate Teaching Labs:
Our affordable range of modular research-grade spectroscopy systems gives students hands-on experience with equipment that will capture their interest and build skills for future careers in academia and industry.

Research Labs and Industry:
Whether your application lies in chemistry, physics, astronomy, life/earth sciences or engineering we can offer a flexible toolkit to move and analyse how light interacts with matter. Setups can be configured for labs, industry or OEM by configuring a custom system from our modular range of instrumentation. Please contact one of the friendly staff at Quark Photonics for more information on how we can assist with your custom application.

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Energy and Solar Cells

Quark Photonics offers a range of helpful analytical tools for the investigation and utilization of various energy sources and solar cell materials. From miniature modular fiber optic spectrometers, through to high resolution Raman microscopes we can provide a solution for various applications, covering areas such as biofuel production, petrochemistry, renewable resources, through to the analysis, evaluation, cell lifetime and durability of solar cell materials. From the field to the laboratory and beyond we can provide a solution for your energy application.

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Environmental Monitoring and Earth Science

A changing and complex environment has many repercussions on the quality of food, medicines, crops, and atmospheric and radioactive pollution, which ultimately impacts on our society. Quark Photonics can provide analytical tools to suit applications in both laboratories and the field to support research into this area. We offer field portable spectrometers and sensors for air and water quality monitoring, remote sensing, UAVs, and volcanic research, in conjunction with larger laboratory based instrumentation for high-resolution and rapid measurements.

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Forensic science is the scientific method of gathering and examining information about the past which is then used in a court of law. Quark Photonics offers a range of non-destructive and fast analysis methods, both on-site and in the lab to investigate and establish facts in criminal and civil courts of law.

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Mineralogy / Geology

Australia’s abundance of natural resources has led to the formation of a significant mining and processing industry. Sample analysis and process control is essential in exploration and achieving a high quality product. Quark Photonics can provide solutions for the characterisation of geological samples including elemental composition, complex chemical mapping, mineral and crystal structure/orientation and size distribution of processed ore.

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Quark Photonics provides complete solutions for nano-materials analysis, characterization and nanotechnology research. Working with researchers we can offer the key tools of Raman, Fluorescence and Ellipsometry to probe the composition, chirality, band gap and thickness of the new generation of functional nanomaterials. Whether you’re working with single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT), quantum dots, nanoparticles, or many other nano materials, we can provide a solution to take your nanotechnology research to the next level.

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Organic Electronics and Displays

Organic electronics, such as OLED, OEL, TFT and OPV are having a profound influence on the information technology industry, indeed, on the entire economy and society. Quark Photonics is your partner in the study and characterization of organic electronic materials, offering solutions to your application.

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The petrochemical industry refers to oil as a raw material to produce chemicals, such as fuels and polymers / plastics. Quark Photonics is your partner in the petrochemical industry, where we offer a variety of analytical instruments for the analysis of oil and its upstream and downstream products.

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Photoluminescence spectroscopy is a non-contact, non-destructive method of probing the electronic structure of materials. When light is absorbed by a material a process called photo-excitation can occur. This excitation causes the material to jump to a higher electronic state before releasing energy in the form of photons as it relaxes, returning to its original energy state. The emission of light or luminescence through this process is photoluminescence (PL).

Quark Photonics offers a PL optimised series of spectrometers which can be used for wide-ranging evaluations, including compositional analysis of the epitaxial layer of compound semiconductors, defect evaluation of light-emitting materials, evaluation of surfaces, non-destructive evaluation of integrated optical circuits, quantitative analysis of impurities, and evaluation of various Laser Diodes and LEDs ranging from GaN to InP.

From confocal mapping capabilities with sub-micron spatial resolution to multiple excitation wavelengths from the UV- NIR we allow control of the penetration depth into the material, and thus, control of the volume sampled. Broadband detection of photoluminescence from UV to NIR can be achieved using our range of scientific CCD and InGaAs/NIR detectors and sample conditions can be controlled from 4 to 300 K.

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Semiconductors and Quantum Dots

Semiconductors are essential to our modern society and can be found in everything from microelectronics to photovoltaics. Research into this material continues to discover new applications as efforts are made to develop smaller and more efficient structures.
Quark Photonics partners with these researchers by providing a broad range of instrumentation focused on the characterisation and quality control of semiconductors. From PL and Raman to Quantum Yield, particle size and thin film metrology, Quark Photonics supports your semiconductor research.

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