Hybrid (steadystate+lifetime)

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HORIBA Scientific’s hybrid spectrofluorometers combine the best of both worlds: Their hybrid instruments perform both steady-state and TCSPC lifetime fluorescence spectroscopy with the highest sensitivity and fastest time resolution. TCSPC offers the ultimate in precision and sensitivity inherent in photon-counting techniques. Upgrades are available for your steady-state fluorometer to make it into a high performance lifetime system.

What are Hybrid Instruments capable of?

  • Fast, flexible and affordable
  • 25 ps to 1 s

What are the main applications?

  • FRET
  • TRES


  • Fluoromax Plus – Steady State & Lifetime Spectrofluorometer

    The FluoroMax® Plus represents HORIBA’s industry-leading spectrofluorometer performance in a convenient, affordable, easy-to-use benchtop model. The FluoroMax family, with its…
  • Fluorolog-QM Research Spectrofluorometer

    Unique Fluorolog-QM™ Benefits All reflective optics for perfect performance at all wavelengths Highest guaranteed sensitivity (more than double that of…






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