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Lifetime fluorescence spectroscopy investigates the change in fluorescence over time of a sample when irradiated with UV, visible, or near-IR light. This decay in fluorescence can be measured over a wide time range: from picoseconds to milliseconds and beyond. Horiba Scientific's research-grade fluorescence lifetime spectrofluorometers are compact, benchtop or modular, customisable for any sort of fluorometry, be it fluorescence detection or phosphorescence studies that your research requires.

What are Lifetime instruments capable of?

  • Fluorescence lifetimes UV to 1700 nm
  • Phosphorescence lifetims UV to 5,500 nm
  • Lifetimes from ps to s

What are the main applications?

  • Protein interactions
  • Lanthanide luminescence


  • DeltaFlex – TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

    Key Features Measure lifetimes from 25 ps to 1 s Up to 1,000 TCSPC measurements per second – ideal for…
  • SMS – Add Spectroscopy to ANY Microscope

    Add Spectroscopy to ANY Microscope Get a simple upgrade to your existing microscope, or a turnkey microspectrophotometer system that works…
  • Mantis³ Single Photon Counting Camera

    The Mantis³ consists of a Timepix3-based visible light camera coupled to a Cricket™2 containing one of Photonis’ high-end image intensifier tubes.…
  • Gemini Interferometer – Broadband Spectroscopy

    Broadband spectroscopy with high throughput GEMINI is the ultimate interferometer providing unrivaled accuracy and reproducibility in controlling the temporal delay…
  • DeltaPro – TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

    The DeltaPro has taken the complexity of time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) and made it simple and affordable so that…
  • iHR320 / iHR550 Imaging Spectrometers

    Mid-Focal Length Imaging Spectrometers The iHR Series of 320 mm and 550 mm focal length high performance and versatile imaging…
  • TPX3CAM – Single Photon Counting Camera

    The TPX3Cam is a fast optical camera for time stamping of photons. It is based on a new silicon pixel…
  • Ultima – Ultrafast TCSPC for Fluorescence Lifetime Spectroscopy

    UltimaTM compact fluorescence system optimised for short lifetime measurements Ultima combines the latest in high temporal resolution TCSPC electronics, interchangeable…






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