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With HORIBA’s full catalogue of spectrometers and sample compartments you can create a custom system that allows for both macro- and micro-photoluminescence measurements in the same system! The flexibility of our imaging spectrometers allows for two independent setups on a single spectrometer.

Cryogenic, Time Resolved and Microscopic options are available.

  • Fluorolog-QM Research Spectrofluorometer

    Unique Fluorolog-QM™ Benefits All reflective optics for perfect performance at all wavelengths Highest guaranteed sensitivity (more than double that of…
  • SMS – Add Spectroscopy to ANY Microscope

    Add Spectroscopy to ANY Microscope Get a simple upgrade to your existing microscope, or a turnkey microspectrophotometer system that works…
  • LabRAM Odyssey confocal Raman

    Deep UV, micro-PL and Raman The LabRAM Odyssey systems are ideally suited to both micro and macro measurements, and offer…






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