Light Sources

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Light sources are available for the full range of applications enabled with the Ocean Insight spectrometers, including excitation sources for absorbance, reflectance, fluorescence, Raman and colour measurements, across the full UV-VIS-NIR spectral range, as well as calibration sources. Use our interactive product search utility to help with selecting the right source.

What are Light Source instruments capable of?

  • 200-2500 nm
  • Pulsed, cw, high power
  • Illumination, calibration, excitation

What are the main applications?

  • Absorbance/transmittance
  • Fluorescence
  • Reflectance


  • LEDs

    LSM series LED light sources are ideal for fluorescence excitation and other measurements requiring narrowband illumination. The innovative optical design…
  • Radiometric Calibrated

    Vis-NIR and UV-Vis-NIR Radiometric calibrated light sources Radiometric calibrated light sources are carefully measured and characterized to deliver a known…
  • PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Lamp with output from 220-750 nm

    TheĀ  PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Lamp produces light in the UV region of the spectrum which is useful for the measurement…
  • UV-Vis-NIR

    Combined Deuterium, Halogen UV-Vis-NIR Light Sources Whether you are studying a sample that has multiple features in different areas or…
  • Vis-NIR

    HL-2000 Tungsten Halogen Light Sources The HL-2000 family of visible and near-infrared light sources offers diverse models and performance characteristics…
  • Spectrometer Wavelength Calibration Sources

    Wavelength Calibration Sources Atomic lamps are the most reliable standards for wavelength calibration. Resulting from atomic level transitions, these emission…






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