Standard Resolution spectrometers

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Versatile UV-Vis and NIR spectrometers from Ocean Optics (Ocean Insight) that address a broad range of applications and industries including: absorbance/transmittance, reflection, irradianace, fluorescence, colour measurements and much much more.

Each SR model offers different performance strengths, which the user can harness to optimize setups for specific measurement requirements:

  • ST series ultracompact microspectrometers
  • SR2 for speed and high SNR
  • SR4 for high resolution
  • SR6 for high sensitivity
  • Flame-NIR for 950-1650nm

  • Ocean ST series – Microspectrometer

    Enhanced Spectral Performance in a Compact Footprint Ocean ST is a powerful microspectrometer that provides excellent UV response, high-speed spectral…
  • Optical Spectrometer SR6 Series High-sensitivity, offers excellent SNR and UV response

    The SR6 is a compact, UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer anchored by a robust CCD-array detector and powerful electronics to provide high spectral…
  • SR2 Series Standard Resolution Spectrometers

    Ocean Optics SR2 series spectrometers are distinguished by their rapid spectral acquisition speed and high signal SNR for high light…
  • SR4 Series Standard Resolution Spectrometers

    The SR4 is a high resolution spectrometer with high-speed spectral acquisition and excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) performance for diverse applications…
  • Flame-NIR

    Combining the small size of the Flame optical bench with a new uncooled InGaAs detector, the Flame-NIR+ opens a new…






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