Oxygen Sensing

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Ocean Insight’s oxygen sensing systems use phase detection of fluorescence in exclusive indicator materials to measure dissolved and gaseous oxygen pressure. Because the probe consumes no oxygen, it can be used in continuous contact with viscous samples; continuous stirring is no longer required. Now that there is an alternative to the oxygen electrode, changing membranes and filling solutions can be avoided.

What are Oxygen Sensing instruments capable of?

  • Probe or Patch sensors
  • Sense oxygen in gas and liquid phases
  • Low level detection

What are the main applications?

  • Respiration monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Fast reaction monitoring


  • NeoFox Probe – Oxygen Sensing Kit

    Neofox In-situ Oxygen monitoring kit with probe The NEOFOX-KIT-PROBE streamlines the configuration of your in-situ oxygen monitoring system, providing everything…
  • NeoFox Patch – Oxygen Monitoring Kit

    Neofox non-invasive oxygen monitoring kit with patches The NEOFOX-KIT-PATCH streamlines the configuration of your non-invasive oxygen monitoring system, providing everything you…






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