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Ellipsometry is a surface sensitive, non-destructive, and non-intrusive optical metrology technique widely used to determine thin film thickness and optical constants (n, k). Ellipsometry is ideal for a wide range of thin film applications from fields such as semiconductors, solar, optoelectronics, optical and functional coatings, surface chemistry, and biotechnology. For more information on thin film characterisation and analysis using spectroscopic ellipsometry, please visit the Horiba Scientific Ellipsometry Academy, which provides a tutorial, webinars and videos, and some FAQ's to help you with your thin film analysis.

What are Ellipsometry instruments capable of?

  • Spectroscopic, imaging and mapping options
  • Broad spectral range from 190 to 2100 nm

What are the main applications?

  • Solar photovoltaics
  • Optoelectronics
  • Advanced material characterisation


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    The Auto SE stands out in its ease of use and numerous automatic features that made the Auto SE a turnkey instrument ideal…
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