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With single element high gain detectors with fast timing response for fluorescence lifetimes and coincidence detection, through to high QE CCD, EmCCD, and SPAD arrays for spectroscopy, 2D EmCCD, sCMOS and InGaAs cameras for microscopy, and much much more, we have a solution to all your photonics detection requirements.

What are Detectors instruments capable of?

  • High QE, high gain
  • Ultrafast timing
  • Low noise

What are the main applications?

  • Quantum cryptography
  • Spectroscopy
  • Microscopy


  • CheeTah – Advanced TEM detector

    ASI’s CheeTah is a hybrid pixel detector for electron microscopy applications. Enabling the full power of Medipix 3 and Timepix…
  • Mantis³ Single Photon Counting Camera

    The Mantis³ consists of a Timepix3-based visible light camera coupled to a Cricket™2 containing one of Photonis’ high-end image intensifier tubes.…
  • HERA – Hyperspectral Camera

    HERA is based on a Fourier Transform (FT) approach: the data-cube is acquired in the time-domain, by step-scanning a compact ultra-stable…
  • Cricket™² Advanced Image Intensifier Adapter

    Cricket™2 offers plug and play intensified imaging or single photon counting functionality. Recognized for best value, Cricket™2 sets an unmatched…
  • Lynx – Advanced X-Ray detector

    The LynX detector series are hybrid pixel detectors based on the Medipix3 and Timepix3 technology. Among the Hybrid Pixel Detectors,…
  • SPF-290AS Automated UV Transmittance / SPF Analyser

    Solar Light’s versatile SPF-290AS UV Transmittance / Sunscreen Protection Factor Analyzer is an integrated turnkey desktop system for quick, efficient,…
  • Scientific CCD Cameras

    Syncerity Scientific CCD Cameras Affordability with no compromise on performance for Spectroscopy Applications. The deep cooled Syncerity scientific CCD cameras…
  • EMCCD Scientific Cameras

    EMCCD Scientific Camera HORIBA’s high spectral resolution EMCCD Scientific Cameras with various image areas are Ideal for high-speed or multi-track…
  • InGaAs NIR linear array detectors

    HORIBA Scientific offer a new generation of Symphony liquid nitrogen cooled and Synapse TE cooled InGaAs NIR linear array detectors…
  • PDM-IR InGaAs Single-Photon Avalanche Diode (SPAD)

    The InGaAs Single-Photon Counter is a module based on InGaAs/InP Single-Photon avalanche Diode (SPAD) for the detection of near-infrared single…

    Photonis’ MCP-PMTs enable detection from single photon to few Ghz in photon burst mode and few 100 MHz in continuous…
  • Silicon SPAD

    Single Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPAD) The PDM series photon counting detector modules are all solid-state instruments. They have high photon…






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