Light Sources

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HORIBA Scientific, offers a number of light sources to cover the spectral region from 200 nm – 15 µm which can be mounted directly to their monochromators or can be used by themselves. With the appropriate adapters, some of the sources may be mounted to our monochromaters along with an optical chopper or filter wheel. Additional adapters and interface kits are available for focusing and launching the light directly into optical fibres.

What are Light Source instruments capable of?

  • 200-15000 nm
  • High power
  • High efficiency

What are the main applications?

  • Fluorescence excitation
  • Illumination


  • OL 459 Tunable LED calibration source

    The OL 459 Tunable LED Standard is designed for use as a reference source when calibrating VIS & NIR imaging…
  • LS-1000-6S 1000W UV Solar Simulator

    The LS1000-6S-UV 1000W Solar Simulator produces solar UV radiation in the 290-400nm range, and can be quickly and easily configured…
  • LEDs

    LSM series LED light sources are ideal for fluorescence excitation and other measurements requiring narrowband illumination. The innovative optical design…
  • Tunable PowerArc – Broadband Xe Light Source

    Tunable 75W Xe Light Source The Tunable PowerArc illuminator can be customized to suit many different applications. Combined with HORIBA’s…






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