AutoSE – Thin Film Measurement via Spectroscopic Ellipsometry

The Auto SE stands out in its ease of use and numerous automatic features that made the Auto SE a turnkey instrument ideal for routine thin film measurement and device quality control.

Key Features

  • Fixed goniometer
  • Automated sample stage (XYZ)
  • Spectral range: 440-1000 nm
  • Automated spot size selection
  • Fast acquisition time, typically 5s

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Designed for your thin film measurements to deliver maximum efficiency with simplicity

The Auto SE is a new thin film measurement tool that provides fully automated analysis of thin film samples with simple, push button operations via spectroscopic ellipsometry.
Sample analysis takes only a few seconds and a complete report is generated automatically. The report provides a comprehensive description of the thin film stack over the wavelength range 440-1000 nm, and includes film thicknesses, optical constants, surface roughness, and film inhomogeneities.
The Auto SE includes numerous automatic features, and the patented MyAutoView vision system allows the user to measure at exactly the right place every time.
The Auto SE is a turnkey instrument ideal for routine thin film measurement and device quality control.

Thin Film Analysis Made Easy

  • Ready-to-use system configured to meet your specific application needs
  •  Full automatic analysis of thin film samples with simple push button operations
  •  Comprehensive display results with automatic reporting and compliance
  •  Multilanguage software

MyAutoView Vision System

  • Visualisation of the measurement site for all kinds of sample
  • Exact positioning of the measurement spot on a sample
  • Unique advantage for measurement of transparent substrates
  • Integrated microspot optics

Highly Featured System

  • Automatic sample loading and adjustment
  • Automatic sample mapping
  • Fast measurement from 450-1000 nm < 2 sec
  • Automated selection of seven spot sizes
  • Accessories to suit all applications

Intelligent Diagnostics

  • Detect and diagnose problems automatically with comprehensive operator guidance for troubleshooting
  • Stage with integrated reference samples for instrument quality control
  • Simple instrument maintenance


  • Spectroscopic ellipsometry spectral range: 440-1000 nm
  • Spot sizes: automatic selection 500×500 µm; 250×500 µm; 250×250 µm; 70×250 µm; 100×100 µm; 50×60 µm; 25×60 µm
  • Detection: CCD – Resolution: 2nm
  • sample stage: vacuum chucks, z height 40 mm
  • Sample viewing: CCD camera – Field of view: 1.33×1 mm – Resolution: 10µm
  • Goniometer: Fixed at 70° – Possible set up at 66° and 61.5°
  • Numerous accessories
  • Measurement time: <2s, typical 5s
  • Accuracy:  NIST 100nm d ± 4Å, n(632.8nm) ± 0.002
  • Repeatability:  NIST 15nm ± 0.2 Å

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