DeltaPro – TCSPC Lifetime Fluorometer

The DeltaPro has taken the complexity of time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) and made it simple and affordable so that any lab can exploit the power of fluorescence dynamics using TCSPC. This system enables the seamless measurement of luminescence lifetimes from picoseconds to 1 second, using our DeltaHub timing electronics. The DeltaPro takes advantage of interchangeable pulsed laser-diode and LED light-sources. The NanoLED and DeltaDiode range of sources cover discrete emission wavelengths from 250 nm to the near-IR and enables measurement of lifetimes from ps to µs. By simply adding a SpectraLED source to the system, lifetimes of µs to 1 second can be measured. Lifetimes ranging over 11 orders of magnitude measured with one compact system.

Key Features

  • Filter based emission wavelength selection
  • Detector range 185 – 650 nm (optional upgrade to 850 and 900 nm)
  • Comprehensive analysis software
  • Measure rotational correlation times using optional polarisers
  • Full range of deltadiode and spectraled diode light sources from UV to near-IR
  • Operation up to 100 MHz with deltadiode light sources
  • Lifetimes: 25 ps to 1 s
  • Kinetic TCSPC: 1 to 10,000 decays measured sequentially in 1 ms to 1 min per decay
  • Anisotropy: reconvolution analysis to resolve shorter rotational correlation times

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The DeltaPro is a remarkably affordable, easy to use filter-based lifetime fluorometer that still offers capabilities found in far more expensive and complex systems. DeltaPro’s simplicity makes it the ideal system for a multi-user facility with researchers who need to measure lifetimes, or a combined research/ teaching lab. But don’t let the price and approachability fool you. The DeltaPro is a serious research instrument capable of picosecond lifetime measurements. With the addition of SpectraLED excitation sources it instantly becomes a phosphorimeter. Our proprietary optimized performance optics, sources and detectors mean that measurement of weakly emitting samples becomes routine. Finally, the DeltaPro is supported by our analysis software that gives you access to the same full array of lifetime analysis modules as our most sophisticated systems.

Why measure fluorescence lifetimes?

Fluorescence is an ideal nanoscale probe, as it takes place on the nanosecond timescale and can be influenced by molecular processes occurring on the nanometre range. The emission lifetime of a
fluorophore can be highly influenced by its environment or the presence of other interacting molecules.
Thus fluorescence lifetime is useful in measuring:
• Changes in the nanoenvironment (viscosity, pH, polarity, solvation)
• Size and shape of molecules
• Molecular interactions
• Inter- and intramolecular distances
• Kinetic and dynamic rates
• Resolution of molecular mixtures
The extra specificity of the fluorescence lifetime allows easy discrimination against scattered excitation and background fluorescence. For example, determination of Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) is simpler using the fluorescence lifetime, as are quenching and fluorescence anisotropy measurements, allowing more parameters to be recovered. Unlike steady-state, lifetime is also an absolute measurement and is independent of sample concentration, label loading/binding uniformity, and fluctuations in excitation intensity.

The new Delta series of fluorescence TCSPC lifetime fluorometer are the fastest, most flexible, and most affordable lifetime fluorometer solutions available. The Delta series includes the DeltaPro, the very affordable and simple to use filter-based lifetime system with performance that rivals most high end systems. For the ultimate flexibility and upgradability, DeltaFlex, our modular system, seamlessly integrates monochromators, polarizers, the widest array of sources (LEDs, laser diodes, supercontinuum lasers) and detectors (including NIR). This enables lifetimes from 25 ps to 1 sec, over wavelengths spanning the UV to NIR, to be measured.
The culmination of over 40 years of lifetime experience, Delta series highlights include: the fastest sources (up to 100 MHz), the widest lifetime ranges (ps to sec), virtually unlimited configurability with our new F-Link plug-and-play architecture and advanced lifetime analysis software. The Delta series is truly the next generation of fluorescence lifetime systems.

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