SmartSampling: Turns Raman Imaging from Hours to Minutes

SmartSampling™ technology uses an adaptative step size mapping approach to highlight the smallest microscopic details on the surface of your sample.

The user friendly and intuitive approach of SmartSampling™supports you to make the most accurate and efficient Raman analyses. It intelligently combines precision and speed.

Use SmartSampling™for:

  • High-resolution Raman images, with the best quality for a given time
  • Large samples even with very small details

Convallaria cell (left) video image/ (centre) 14 minutes SmartSampling image/ (right) typically equivalent point by point image obtained in 14 minutes

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Get much more of your sample in less time

SmartSamplingTM is HORIBA’s ultimate tool for Raman Imaging. It offers incredible acquisition performance for high-resolution images, even for weak scatterers, in a fraction of the time required for standard maps.

With a single button press, the easy to use algorithm automatically and continuously improves the quality of the complete image.
• Based on the sample image contrast SmartSamplingTM organizes the measurement points and continuously improves the image.
• The most important points are acquired first.
• The user is free to stop the scan at any time, as soon as the image quality is good enough.

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