Flame Series Miniature Spectrometer

Flame series spectrometers were the successor to the popular USB2000+ and USB4000 spectrometer series’ from Ocean Optics (Ocean Insight). They offered all the benefits of miniature, modular spectroscopy — without comprise. Featuring performance-enhancing features and using industry-leading manufacturing techniques for greater stability and improved unit-to-unit variability, plus the freedom of interchangeable slits, simple device connectors and LED status indicators.

Now the next generation spectrometers succeeding the USB2000+, USB4000, and Flame series spectrometers is the SR Series (Standard Resolution), comprising the SR2, SR4 and SR6 spectrometers, which each offer different performance strengths that the user can harness to optimise setups specific for their application requirements:

  • SR2, 2098 pixel detector for  speed and high SNR
    • Laser Characterisation
    • Plasma Monitoring
    • Absorbance Measurements
  • SR4, 3648 pixel detector for high resolution
    • Plasma/Emission Monitoring
    • DNA/RNA Absorbance
    • Colour Measurement
  • SR6, 2048 pixel back thinned detector for high sensitivity
    • UV absorbance
    • Fluorescence Detection
    • Irradiance

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The new SR series spectrometers from Ocean Optics (Ocean Insight), extend the broad range of applications that the Flame series spectrometer so successfully catered towards: including measuring distinct spectral peaks in plasmas and emission sources to detecting subtle UV and visible absorbance changes in DNA, proteins and other biological samples, and so much more.

SR series spectrometers are well suited for integration into customised systems for high-volume industrial and OEM applications. Each SR spectrometer comes in variations covering wavelength ranges within the UV, Visible and Shortwave NIR ranges, offers entrance slit options in widths from 5 μm to 200 μm, and couples to Ocean Optics light sources, optical fibers and sampling optics to optimize configurations for various applications.

Ocean SR spectrometers are compatible with OceanView spectroscopy software and come with OceanDirect, a powerful, cross-platform Software Developers Kit with an Application Programming Interface. With its library of functions, OceanDirect allows users to optimise spectrometer performance and access critical data for analysis. OceanDirect also enables High Speed Averaging Mode, a hardware-accelerated signal averaging tool that markedly enhances spectrometer SNR per unit time. This promotes higher quality spectra and more accurate results.

Former Flame Spectrometer Models

FLAME-T-UV-VIS200-850 nm
FLAME-T-UV-VIS-ES200-850 nm
FLAME-T-VIS-NIR350-1000 nm
FLAME-T-VIS-NIR-ES350-1000 nm
FLAME-T-XR1200-1025 nm
FLAME-T-XR1-ES200-1025 nm
FLAME-S-UV-VIS200-850 nm
FLAME-S-UV-VIS-ES200-850 nm
FLAME-S-VIS-NIR350-1000 nm
FLAME-S-VIS-NIR-ES350-1000 nm
FLAME-S-XR1200-1025 nm
FLAME-S-XR1-ES200-1025 nm

Current Equivalent SR Spectrometer Models

Model:Range:Blaze wavelength:Resolution*:Grating:
SR-2UV240200-530 nm240 nm0.66 nm1200 l/mm
SR-2UVV240185-920 nm240 nm1.33 nm600 l/mm
SR-2XR250185-1100 nm250 nm1.71 nm500 l/mm
SR-2UVV300185-920 nm300 nm1.33 nm600 l/mm
SR-2UVV400185-920 nm400 nm1.33 nm600 l/mm
SR-2VIS400380-1000 nm400 nm1.34 nm600 l/mm
SR-2VN500350-1000 nm500 nm1.34 nm600 l/mm
SR-2VIS750570-850 nm750 nm0.56 nm1200 l/mm
SR-2N1000650-1100 nm1000 nm1.3 nm600 l/mm

*For 25um slit width

Specifications may be updated without notification

Download SR2 Datasheet

Model:Range:Blaze wavelength:Resolution*:Grating:
SR-4UV220220-410 nm220 nm0.60 nm1800 l/mm
SR-4UV240220-535 nm240 nm0.83 nm1200 l/mm
SR-4UVV240220-925 nm240 nm1.65 nm600 l/mm
SR-4UVV300220-910 nm300 nm1.65 nm600 l/mm
SR-4UVV400220-910 nm400 nm1.65 nm600 l/mm
SR-4VIS400350-1040 nm400 nm1.65 nm600 l/mm
SR-4VN500350-1040 nm500 nm1.65 nm600 l/mm
SR-4N750570-860 nm750 nm0.83 nm1200 l/mm
SR-4N1000600-1050 nm1000 nm1.65 nm600 l/mm
SR-4XR250220-1050 nm250 nm2.03 nm500 l/mm


*For 25um slit width

Specifications may be updated without notification

Download SR4 Datasheet

Model:Range:Blaze wavelength:Resolution*:Grating:
SR-6UV220185-400 nm220 nm0.5 nm1800 l/mm
SR-6UV240185-510 nm240 nm0.76 nm1200 l/mm
SR-6UVV240185-850 nm240 nm1.65 nm600 l/mm
SR-6UVV300200-900 nm300 nm1.65 nm600 l/mm
SR-6UVV400200-900 nm400 nm1.65 nm600 l/mm
SR-6VIS400350-1000 nm400 nm1.65 nm600 l/mm
SR-6VN500350-1000 nm500 nm1.65 nm600 l/mm
SR-6N750570-830 nm750 nm0.8 nm1200 l/mm
SR-6N1000600-1100 nm1000 nm1.65 nm600 l/mm
SR-6XR250190-1050 nm250 nm2.03 nm500 l/mm

*For 25um slit width

Specifications may be updated without notification

Download SR6 Datasheet

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