Combining the small size of the Flame optical bench with a new uncooled InGaAs detector, the Flame-NIR+ opens a new frontier in NIR spectroscopy. Without thermoelectric cooling, the Flame-NIR+’s power consumption needs are ultra-low and make the Flame-NIR+ ideal for integration into handheld and portable systems.

The Flame-NIR+ benefits from all the advantages of the Flame product line, including interchangeable slits and low unit to unit variability. The Flame-NIR is an ideal choice for many NIR applications including moisture measurement, grain and feed quality, measurement of fats and oils and pharmaceutical ingredients blending.

Key Features

  • Spectral Range 970-1700 nm, ~10 nm (FWHM) -Full Width Half Maximum
  • User interchangeable slits
  • Cost effective InGaAs spectrometer
  • Integration Time: 1ms – 65s
  • Pixels: 128


  • Absorbance
  • Reflectance & Transmittance
  • Polymer sorting

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