F-CLUE Compact Hyperspectral Cathodoluminescence

Compact Hyperspectral Cathodoluminescence

The F-CLUE is the optical fiber coupled solution offering a flexible interface for Cathodoluminescence Imaging and Spectroscopy analysis.

Thanks to its rugged ultra-compact footprint and deported spectroscopy modules, it can be installed even on very busy microscopes and/or in harsh industrial environments or extreme conditions (clean room, mobile laboratories…).

Like the whole CLUE series, its compact and fully retractable collection interface offers the possibility to upgrade CL on any commercial microscope without any restriction on performance.

The accurate video assisted micropositioning of the mirror permits to optimize collection efficiency and guarantee the best performance and reproducibility of your CL measurement.

Controlled by Labspec 6 Simply Powerful software suite, F-CLUE features advanced unique functionalities for both fast imaging and spectroscopy analysis (KIA spectral database, SWIFT, cosmic ray removal, peak fitting, particle finder, mosaic, multivariate analysis, advanced 3D display…)

Flexible solution to fit any kind of environment, featuring:

•     Imaging and/or hyperspectral CL
•     Rugged optical fiber interface
•     Selection of ellipsoidal or parabolic retractable mirror to fit all sample types and applications
•     Powered by LabSpec 6TM Software
•    Fully motorized spectrometer
•    Optional RGB filters

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Add Cathodoluminescence and Raman Capabilities to your Electron Microscope

CathodoLuminescence (CL) is a non-destructive technique providing maps of optical and electronic properties of many kinds of materials with a nanometric spatial resolution.
Hyperspectral Cathodoluminescence is similar to Photoluminescence (PL) technique, but the excitation by high energy electron beam can produce all the transitions to the higher energy excitation states and induce light emission from DUV to NIR.
CL technique is particularly suitable for analysis of particles, group IV semiconductors, thin films and nanostructures, novel photonics materials, oxides and minerals.

Raman spectroscopy is based upon the interaction of monochromatic light such like a laser with the molecules within a material.
This technique typically provides information about chemical structure, phase and polymorphy,  crystallinity, and molecular orientation.
Raman analysis can be applied to any kind of organic (biological, polymers…) and inorganic  (minerals, semiconductors, glasses, oxides…) materials, except pure metals.

Gain unique insight into the chemical and electronic properties of materials with nanoscale resolution!

Measuring CL and Raman / PL photons inside the electron microscope* specimen chamber, in a SameSpotTM configuration, permits to measure the following parameters in the same conditions of
pressure and temperature as other EM measurements (EDX, XRF, EBSD, Auger…).

Hyperspectral Cathodoluminescence
• Electrical and compositional properties
• Quality control and failure analysis
• Defects, impurities, dopants, vacancies
• Contaminations and inclusions
• Zoning analysis in zircons

Alternate CLUE models

i-CLUE: Fast Imaging CL

Best price to performance ratio for a plug-and-play fast CL imaging module featuring:

  • Ultra-compact panchromatic CL detection
  • Manually retractable mirror
  • Large field of view ellipsoidal mirror collection
  • Driven by EM software
  • Imaging touch-screen controller


Versatile Hyperspectral Cathodoluminescence

Free space optical coupling for the highest performance over the widest CL spectral range, featuring:

  • Fully automated control
  • Motorised RPM with fine adjustment
  • No chromatic shift
  • Customised configurations: angle-resolved CL, time resolved CL, polarisation, filter wheels
  • Imaging and spectroscopy from DUV to NIR with up to 5 detectors
  • Long focal length spectrometers


Raman PL & CL

All in one fully automated solution for high-end Research labs, featuring:

  • Fibre coupled interface
  • Colocalised laser and e-beam excitations
  • Fully computer controlled
  • Multi-wavelength Raman lasers
  • Injection-rejection Raman filters
  • Field upgradeable
  • Built-in video camera

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