Fluorolog-QM Research Spectrofluorometer

Unique Fluorolog-QM™ Benefits

  • All reflective optics for perfect performance at all wavelengths
  • Highest guaranteed sensitivity (more than double that of the Fluorolog-3)
  • Excellent stray light rejection with extra-large, coma corrected, 350 mm single, or 700 mm double additive monochromators
  • New software for all steady state and lifetimes experiments, with many new features
  • Extended wavelength range from Deep UV to NIR
  • Up to four light source types, and six detectors, can all be connected at once, under computer control, for ultimate lab versatility
  • World class, plug and play, TCSPC lifetime enhancements, at speeds up to 100 MHz
  • NIR steady state and phosphorescence lifetime detection to 5,500 nm
  • Deep UV excitation down to 180 nm

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The HORIBA Fluorolog-QM series of modular research-grade spectrofluorometers represents the pinnacle of excellence in fluorescence analysis. As the fourth generation of the renowned HORIBA Fluorolog, which was originally introduced by Spex Industries in 1975, the Fluorolog-QM embodies decades of industry-leading expertise in spectrofluorometer development and manufacturing.

At the core of the Fluorolog-QM’s exceptional performance lies its all-reflective optics, which avoids chromatic aberrations and ensures the ultimate sensitivity across all wavelengths. This sophisticated design, combined with a wide range of light source and detector options, as well as various sample handling accessories, ensures the highest sensitivity and versatility among all spectrofluorometers.

The Fluorolog-QM stands out as the ideal platform for a diverse array of luminescence experiments, thanks to its extensive list of optional accessories. These enhancements expand the instrument’s capabilities and performance, catering to the most demanding research laboratories’ experimental requirements. Moreover, the modular nature of the Fluorolog-QM allows for easy integration of additional accessories at any later time, accommodating evolving research needs and budget constraints.

With thousands of units operating in prestigious universities and research labs worldwide, and tens of thousands of publications highlighting its exceptional capabilities, the Fluorolog has established itself as the ultimate choice for a wide range of studies. From steady-state to time-resolved experiments, from time-correlated single photon counting (TCSPC) to photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY) measurements, and even near-infrared (NIR) research, the Fluorolog-QM delivers unmatched performance and reliability.

For researchers seeking the highest level of sensitivity and versatility in fluorescence analysis, the Fluorolog-QM stands as an unrivaled solution. Its proven track record, coupled with HORIBA’s legacy of excellence, makes it the go-to spectrofluorometer for ambitious and cutting-edge scientific investigations. Discover the Fluorolog-QM, and unlock new dimensions of fluorescence analysis for your most demanding research endeavours.

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