LS-1000-6S 1000W UV Solar Simulator

The LS1000-6S-UV 1000W Solar Simulator produces solar UV radiation in the 290-400nm range, and can be quickly and easily configured by the user to provide UVA only, UVB only, UVA+B, or full spectrum sunlight optionally. With 98% uniformity available in the 6″ (15.25 cm) square beam’s central usable area, these precision research-grade instruments are specifically designed to comply with the latest laboratory standards such as ASTM, IEC, and ISO.

Features and Benefits

• > 95% Uniformity, with 98% Uniformity Available In Beam’s Central Usable Area
• Collimated Output Provides up to 14” (35.5 cm) Working Distance
• Standard and Customizable Simulators Validated to Comply with ASTM, IEC, and ISO Standards
• CE Compliant
• Custom-Designed Spectrums Available
• High Performance Fused Silica Optical Components for Collimation and Uniformity Included
• Excellent Long-Term Stability
• Easy to Use Intensity and Uniformity Measurement System
• Automatic Shutter With Remote Control Connection Included
• 1000 Watt Xenon Arc Lamp Included
• High Efficiency Switching Power Supply with Adjustable Output for
Variable Lamp Power Included
• Round Beam Models available in 2” (5 cm,) 4” (10 cm,) and 6” (15 cm)
• Square Beam Models available in 2” (5 cm,) 4” (10 cm,) and 6” (15 cm)
• Beam Orientation Can Be Specified As Vertical Downward, Vertical
Upward, or Horizontal
• Optional Filters Allow for User Changeable Spectra (UVA only and
UVB only)
• Optional Visible Light Only Output Available
• Optional Light Attenuation Screens Available
• Optional Validation Available

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Solar Light Company, LLC has been the foremost name in light sciences since they invented the world’s first Solar Simulator in 1967. Our state-of-the-art 1000W single output LS1000-Series Solar Simulator produces solar UV radiation in the 290-400nm range with UVA only and UVB only options. These precision research-grade instruments are specifically designed to comply with laboratory standards such as ASTM, IEC, and ISO. LS1000-Series simulators can reliably produce UV levels several times stronger than tropical sun, without any of the associated heat load, which is ideal for measuring the damaging effects of UV during materials testing.

Turnkey Kits Available For Various Applications

Prepackaged kits are available direct from the factory, which combine the state-of-the-art LS1000-Series Solar Simulator with their innovative Automatic Dose Controllers, advanced Data Logging Radiometers, NIST-traceable Sensors, and other hardware to form complete turnkey solutions for the most popular applications, including:
• PV Cell Testing
• Fade and Colour Fastness Testing
• Materials Testing
• Academic Research
• General Purpose Irradiation

Sophisticated Automatic Dose Controllers measure the spectral response following the Erythema Action Spectrum and UVA Spectrum to allow accurate dose control when measuring SPF values. The 7-inch (17.8 cm) touch sensitive screen allows the user to follow intuitive menus and makes it quick and easy to set control parameters.
Professional Grade Radiometers provide multi-functional data logging capability, and compatibility with over 130 Solar Light PMA-Series Sensors to measure UV, Visible and IR wavelengths. Specialty Meters also available to measure UV Radiation, SUV/UVA, Scotopic/Photopic Spectra, and much more.
Advanced NIST-Traceable Sensors for accurate measurement of biologically-weighted SUV as required for FDA compliance and UVA as required for ISO testing. Over 130 different sensor models available for custom configurations.

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