Mantis³ Single Photon Counting Camera

The Mantis³ consists of a Timepix3-based visible light camera coupled to a Cricket™2 containing one of Photonis’ high-end image intensifier tubes. The TPX3Cam* is a high-rate, event-driven, time-stamping camera. The coupled image intensifier enables single photon sensitivity and offers a choice of low noise photocathodes optimized for your application.

The C-mount coupling between the Cricket™2and TPX3Cam adds to the versatility of the Mantis³: both parts can easily be combined with other equipment.

* TPX3Cam is offered in collaboration with Amsterdam Scientific Instruments.

• Timepix3 ASIC technology
• 1.6 ns timestamping
• Excellent time resolution (200 ps)
• Up to 80 Mhits/s rate capability
• Spatial resolution <10 μm on the sensor plane (after centroiding)

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A single photon counting camera with nanosecond timestamping

The Mantis³ introduces an exceptional imaging capability through its innovative design, featuring a Timepix3-based visible light camera seamlessly coupled with a Cricket housing a cutting-edge image intensifier. At the core of this advanced system lies the TPX3Cam, a remarkable high-rate, event-driven, timestamping camera that revolutionizes the field of optical photon analysis. Engineered around a state-of-the-art silicon pixel sensor in tandem with the Timepix3 ASIC and readout technology, the TPX3Cam stands as an exemplary solution for diverse applications demanding precise time-resolved imaging, whether involving electrons, ions, or the holy grail of sensitivity – single photon counting. A single photon counting camera, it holds the potential to unravel the most intricate phenomena at play.

The strategic amalgamation of the TPX3Cam with an image intensifier within the Cricket™2 configuration ushers in an era of unparalleled light level imaging capability. With the Single MCP-based IIT, the Cricket™2 transforms into an all-in-one powerhouse, adeptly equipped for high-resolution, low light level imaging tasks. This synergy of cutting-edge technologies brings forth a seamless integration, simplified by the straightforward C-Mount attachment and efficient USB power supply. The Cricket™2’s prowess extends beyond simplicity, showcasing high-speed gating capabilities down to an impressive 3ns, effectively utilizing the photocathode as an electro-optical shutter for precise time-domain imaging. Notably, the Cricket™2 boasts an astounding high repetition rate, reaching up to 300 kHz and 2.5 MHz in burst mode, a testament to its versatility and agility in capturing rapid and transient events. In essence, the Cricket™2 emerges as the epitome of all-encompassing solutions, seamlessly fusing integrated optics and electronics to redefine the boundaries of imaging excellence. Whether in table-top laboratory setups or dynamic synchrotron or free-electron-laser environments, the Mantis³ with its single photon counting camera technology beckons researchers to explore, discover, and innovate without compromise.


• Time-correlated single photon counting imaging
• Wide-field FLIM
• Two-photon microscopy

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