Maya2000 Series Spectrometers

The Maya2000 Pro spectrometers were a great choice for applications requiring high sensitivity, good UV-NIR response and wide dynamic range. Applications ranged from low light level fluorescence and Raman measurements to absorbance, transmission and emission analysis of solutions, solids and gases.

The same back-thinned 2D FFT-CCD detector at the heart of each Maya2000 Pro spectrometer, with configurable optical bench and low-noise electronics is now available in the new and improved SR6 series high resolution/high sensitivity spectrometers.


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Much like the Maya2000 Pro series, the HR6 spectrometers couple with SMA 905-terminated light sources, optical fibres and sampling accessories, allowing users to optimise setups for each application. If your measurements require sub-nanometre resolution of spectral features, the HR6 is an excellent choice. For example, the HR6 demonstrates high absorbance linearity when measuring biomolecules, which allows users to accurately measure samples over a wide range of concentration levels. It also eliminates the need for sample dilution steps that run the risk of introducing errors into the measurement process, helping to ensure higher quality spectra and more accurate results.

HR6 spectrometers come with OceanDirect, a powerful, cross-platform Software Developers Kit with an Application Programming Interface. OceanDirect allows users to optimise the spectrometers performance, access critical data for analysis, and enable High Speed Averaging Mode, a function available with our newer-model spectrometers that dramatically improves spectrometer SNR performance.


Wavelength range: ~185-1100 nm (configurations available within this range)10
Optical resolution (w/25 µm slit): <1.0 nm (FWHM) (depending on configuration)
Integration time: 7.2 ms-5 s
Dynamic range: 12000:1 (single scan)
Signal to Noise Ratio (max. per second w/High Speed Averaging Mode): 3500:1
Signal to Noise Ratio (single scan @ 10 ms): 400:1
Thermal wavelength drift: 0.02 nm/° C
Interfaces: USB Type-C; SMA; 16-pin Samtec TM; RS-232
Temperature (storage): -30 °C to 70 °C
Temperature (operation): 0 °C to 55 °C
Dimensions: 149 mm (w) x 106 mm (d) x 48 mm (h)
Weight: 931 g

Preconfigured HR6 Models to replace Maya2000:

Model:Range:Blaze wavelength:Resolution*:Grating:
HR-6UV220250-400 nm220 nm0.2nm1800 l/mm
HR-6UV240185-280 nm240 nm0.13 nm2400 l/mm
HR-6UV250220-410 nm250 nm0.3 nm1200 l/mm
HR-6UVV250220-880 nm250 nm0.9 nm400 l/mm
HR-6UVV300220-650 nm300 nm0.58 nm600 l/mm
HR-6UVV330250-700 nm330 nm0.75 nm500 l/mm
HR-6VIS400350-800 nm400 nm0.58 nm600 l/mm
HR-6VIS450450-530 nm450 nm0.15 nm2400 l/mm
HR-6VIS500400-850 nm500 nm0.58 nm600 l/mm
HR-6VIS550450-650 nm550 nm0.3 nm1200 l/mm
HR-6VIS700530-645 nm700 nm0.2 nm1800 l/mm
HR-6VN400350-1025 nm400 nm0.90 nm400 l/mm
HR-6VN750520-955 nm750 nm0.58 nm600 l/mm
HR-6N500750-1000 nm500 nm0.5 nm900 l/mm
HR-6N750750-900 nm750 nm0.3 nm1200 l/mm
HR-6N1000750-1100 nm1000 nm0.6 nm600 l/mm
HR-6XR200220-1100 nm200 nm1.2 nm300 l/mm
HR-6XR300220-1100 nm300 nm1.2 nm300 l/mm
HR-6XR500220-1100 nm500 nm1.20 nm300 l/mm

*For 25um slit width

Specifications may be updated without notification

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  • HR2 series for rapid acquisition speed and high signal to noise ratio (SNR) performance, making it ideal for laser and LED characterisation
  • HR4 series for high optical resolution requirements, such as identifying narrow-band emission peaks in plasmas

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