Metavision-1008i3 spark Optical Emission Spectrometer

Precision Spark-OES

The Metavision-1008i3 has been designed to deliver high-performance at low detection limits while not compromising on economy. Capable of analysing 55+ elements, including C, N, O, Li, Na, S, P and several more, with low to single ppm limits of detection for most and even sub-ppm levels for several, this spectrometer is ideal for a wide range of quality-conscious users. Being CMOS/CCD-based, there is never any need for hardware upgrades, even if new elements, bases or matrices are to be added post-purchase, with additions being simple and possible to do even at-site.

  • Complete spectral coverage in the range of 130-671 nm; including low O, Na and Li
  • Cooled, low-temperature optics enabling high stability with low detection limits
  • 55+ elements in standard calibrations; including low N, O, C etc.
  • Fully quantitative analysis of fine wires (down to 0.1 mm), thin foils (down to 0.02 mm)
  • Auto-identification of grade and matrix
  • Grades library for quick identification and confirmation of grades
  • Advanced instrument and user safety features
  • Latest-generation processing software for noise-free clear spectra for ultra-low detection limits with high precision and  accuracy
  • Comprehensive diagnostic systems including error detection, reporting and logging
  • Vacuum-free optics enabling lower capital and maintenance costs and very rapid stabilization
  • Special applications for direct powder analysis, master alloys, razor foils and many more

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The Metavision-1008i3 is an advanced optical emission spectrometer, designed to offer both exceptional analytical capabilities and ease of service and maintenance. Its fully modular construction optimizes the isolation of sub-systems, providing dual advantages of minimizing interference and noise while allowing straightforward access for maintenance and servicing. Engineers can easily and independently access each system for servicing, while operators can perform routine maintenance tasks effortlessly.

Additionally, the thoughtful design ensures that no sub-system is at risk during any activity, including cleaning and changing of any consumables. This combination of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly serviceability makes the Metavision10008i3 a reliable and efficient optical emission spectrometer, meeting the needs of both technical experts and operators alike.

Key advantages of Metal Power’s stationary / benchtop Optical Emission Spectrometers (OES)
– Fully digital current-controlled source on every model
– Latest generation ultra-high-resolution CMOS / CCD detectors
– Nitrogen analysis capability on every model (in low alloy steels too!)
– Most advanced applications suite with plethora of unique features
– Noise-free clear-spectra for exceptional performance with class-leading low detection limits across models
– User-friendly, icon-driven operating software suite
– Full spectral analysis across the wavelength span
– Optimal line selection and separation
– Extremely rapid stabilization period
– Single-sample re-standardisation
– Pre-loaded as well as user-defined libraries for Grades and/or CRMs
– Statistical Process Control (SPC)
– Class-leading accuracy and precision

Other Stationary / Benchtop Optical Emission Spectrometers available from Metal Power include:

MV-10008X designed to offer the highest level of accuracy and precision at extremely low limits of detection. Capable of analysing just about every element possible and with single and sub-ppm limits of detection for each.

MV-1008i offers rapid and precise analysis of 35+ elements for ferrous and non ferrous applications of pure metals and alloys. The MV-1008i delivers limits as low as 15 ppm for Carbon and 10 ppm for Sulphur in steels, and Nitrogen down to 20 ppm.

MOSS epitomises Metal Power’s commitment to ensuring that every company should be able to afford quality. The path-breaking MOSS is smaller than a laptop and the lightest OES ever. Hardware and applications are fully modular, making it the most compact, scalable and yet powerful entry-level OES in the world – by a significant margin.

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