Metavision-MX+ mobile OES

Wheel your lab to the sample

Often an application calls for testing of items like a boiler, overhead pipes or specific parts aboard ships. Whether testing for the grade or for signs of stress, fatigue, corrosion or risk of failure, such testing calls for high-precision analysis and is just not suited for the typical process of Lab testing. This is where high-end mobile OES like the Metavision-MX+ come into their own.The Metavision-MX+ delivers high quality performance while offering all the flexibility, agility and convenience of mobile OES.The multi-CMOS optics of the Metavision-MX+ cover the full analytical range up to 671 nm, covering 55+ elements (including Li and Na analysis) and offer very high resolution. The optics are also completely insulated and thermally stabilized with a design that accounts for the unit being used entirely outdoors and across a wide range of ambient temperatures.
With a wide range of adaptor and probe options, the Metavision- MX+ is designed to ensure that every single need can be addressed with the minimum of fuss. Indeed, our combined probe options ensure that even the need to change probes in field is minimised. That said, such is the design that changing probes is easier done than said! With minimum fuss, and just 2 clicks, you can swap probes in- field in a matter of seconds. The probes are highly optimised for both elemental coverage as well as speed, with Carbon analysis offered on all probes (including Arc).

  • Detector: CMOS
  • Wavelength span (including UV probe): 160-671 nm
  • Burns with one battery charge (Spark): 1000
  • Burns with one battery charge (UV): 900
  • Analysis time (Arc): <3s
  • Analysis time (Spark): <6s
  • Analysis time (UV): <10s

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The very best mobile analysis solution; addresses every conceivable need and goes well beyond them too!

Mobile OES take the myriad advantages of arc/spark OES and remove the constraints of needing a laboratory environment and carefully prepared sample. The best OES – like Metal Power’s Metavision-MX and Metavision-MX+ come with self-contained trolleys that house not just the optics and plasma generation sources, but also with in-built computers and touchscreens, and are equipped with wheels and suspension designed to enable the unit to be wheeled around over extended distances in rugged conditions like those on a foundry or forge-shop or in scrapyards, shipyards etc. Extremely compact and completely self-contained, these OES can also be loaded into small vehicles and driven to places where testing is needed (e.g.) scrapyards visited for purchasing/sales). This enables users to move the instrument to the point where testing is needed – making the OES both mobile/portable and transportable. For sparking, the mobile OES is equipped with handheld probes at the end of 4m (or longer) conduits. Multiple probe options are provided enabling users to select the mode of testing needed. Users can also select from a variety of sample adaptors, enabling analysis of different types of shapes, including curved surfaces (for inspection of items such as wire rods), angles (for inspection of weld joints) etc. What makes mobile OES far preferable to any other ‘portable’ spectrometer or other handheld models is the ability to test for UV elements including C, S, P, B, As and N. Mobile OES can test for C in all three modes (arc, spark and UV) while the UV probes address the need for testing all these elements to low levels (down to 20 ppm and lower). This makes mobile OES far preferable to other portable or mobile options – particularly XRF – as these do not analyse UV elements at all.

Key advantages of Metal Power’s mobile Optical Emission Spectrometers (OES)

  • Full Grades’ Library for rapid PMI
  • Rapid analysis times across probes
  • Pre-loaded as well as user-defined libraries for Grades and/or CRMs
  • Fully integrated self-contained trolley
  • Extremely rapid stabilisation period
  • Integrated capacitive touchscreen
  • Integrated trackpad and keyboard
  • Single-sample re-standardisation
  • Easy-change probe conduits (<10s)
  • Ultra long-life field-swappable batteries (1,000 burns per charge)
  • Shock-proof; dust-proof and splash-proof design
  • Rugged build- designed for the shop floor
  • Most advanced applications suite with plethora of unique features
  • Touch-optimised, user friendly, icon-driven operating software suite
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • All manner of probes and adaptors available


Other mobile Optical Emission Spectrometers available from Metal Power include:

Metavision-MX is the ultimate PMI solution on a budget. It addresses each aspect of mobility without compromising on ruggedness, battery life or feature set!

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