The MicroHR is the ideal imaging monochromator for integration into optical systems.

With a focal length of 140 mm and a footprint smaller than a sheet of paper, the MicroHR provides a spectral resolution of 0.3 nm and can be configured with a manual or a motorized turret. By selecting the most suitable set of diffraction gratings and the right detector the MicroHR monochromator can acquire data from 180 nm to 20 microns.

The MicroHR monochromator can be configured with a second exit slit to fit an additional single or multichannel detector. This compact monochromator includes all the features of a high-end monochromator at a fraction of the cost.

Key Features

  • Czerny-Turner Optical design with 140 mm focal length
  • 1 entrance and up to 2 exit ports
  • f/3.88 entrance aperture ratio
  • 32x32mm grating size (single or dual grating turret)
  • Large range of compatible detectors (CCD, InGaAs, PMT)
  • Powerful LabSPEC6 control and acquisition software, or LabVIEW compatible

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