MOSS spark Optical Emission Spectrometer

Compact and affordable, Spark-OES

Capable of analysing Ferrous and non-Ferrous metals and alloys, MOSS offers multi-base capability and analytical capabilities across 30+ elements, including N, Fe, Cu, Al, Zn, Ni, Pb, Sn, Mg, Co, Ti etc, making MOSS a virtual must-have for any firm in the metal industry. From primary units for start-ups and smaller firms, to back-up units for even the biggest and best, MOSS offers a uniquely powerful, flexible and economic solution for an immensely wide range of needs.

  • High accuracy and precision
  • Upgradable seamlessly without limit
  • Capable of Nitrogen analysis
  • 30+ elements across bases
  • Multi-base capability
  • Fully digital current-controlled source
  • Most economical OES ever
  • 2,000+ burns per cylinder!

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The MOSS optical emission spectroscopy system is a versatile tool capable of analyzing over 30 elements, including the vital element Nitrogen. In the context of alloy steels, the MOSS system performs precise analyses of elements such as Carbon (C), Sulphur (S), Phosphorous (P), and Nitrogen (N) down to concentrations as low as 50 ppm. Moreover, it extends its capabilities to elements like Boron (B), providing accurate measurements down to an impressive 5 ppm. Remarkably, the MOSS system offers this exceptional functionality at half the cost of comparable models from other sources, making it an extremely cost-effective solution.

This affordability renders the MOSS system a perfect fit for various industrial applications, including rolling mills, foundries, casting units, and TMT units, among others. Large plants seeking reliable backup units for different workshops, such as machining centers, forge shops, heat treatment workshops, and stockyards, can benefit from the MOSS system’s quick decision-making capabilities and its ability to prevent mix-ups. The system’s utility extends to materials inspection at In Gates, as well as intermediate testing points in yards.

The MOSS system not only covers all necessary elements for Cast Iron/SG Iron (CI/SGI) manufacturing, including Magnesium (Mg), Cerium (Ce), and Lanthanum (La), but it also offers the added advantage of Nitrogen analysis. This comprehensive analysis suite makes the MOSS system an indispensable asset for CI/SGI manufacturing firms. Furthermore, the MOSS system finds equal utility in non-ferrous alloy production, accurately analyzing key elements within required ranges. Its ease of acquisition, operation, and maintenance contributes to its appeal for production environments. Additionally, it serves as an ideal backup to larger optical emission spectroscopy units like the metavision-1008i3 or the metavision-10008X. In essence, the MOSS system’s exceptional capabilities and cost-effectiveness position it as an indispensable instrument for a wide range of industries and applications.

Key advantages of Metal Power’s stationary / benchtop Optical Emission Spectrometers (OES)
– Fully digital current-controlled source on every model
– Latest generation ultra-high-resolution CMOS / CCD detectors
– Nitrogen analysis capability on every model (in low alloy steels too!)
– Most advanced applications suite with plethora of unique features
– Noise-free clear-spectra for exceptional performance with class-leading low detection limits across models
– User-friendly, icon-driven operating software suite
– Full spectral analysis across the wavelength span
– Optimal line selection and separation
– Extremely rapid stabilization period
– Single-sample re-standardisation
– Pre-loaded as well as user-defined libraries for Grades and/or CRMs
– Statistical Process Control (SPC)
– Class-leading accuracy and precision

Other Stationary / Benchtop Optical Emission Spectrometers available from Metal Power include:

MV-10008X designed to offer the highest level of accuracy and precision at extremely low limits of detection. Capable of analysing just about every element possible and with single and sub-ppm limits of detection for each.

MV-1008i3 designed to deliver high performance at low detection limits without compromising on economy. Capable of analysing 55+ elements across ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys and with low to single and even sub-ppm limits of detection for each, this spectrometer is ideal for a wide range of quality-conscious users.

MV-1008i offers rapid and precise analysis of 35+ elements for ferrous and non ferrous applications of pure metals and alloys. The MV-1008i delivers limits as low as 15 ppm for Carbon and 10 ppm for Sulphur in steels, and Nitrogen down to 20 ppm.

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