NeoFox Patch – Oxygen Monitoring Kit

Neofox non-invasive oxygen monitoring kit with patches

The NEOFOX-KIT-PATCH streamlines the configuration of your non-invasive oxygen monitoring system, providing everything you need to start making accurate and high resolution oxygen measurements.

Patch kits are useful anywhere non-intrusive and through-package oxygen measurements are necessary: headspace in food packaging, process monitoring in bioreactor environments and partial pressure of oxygen in biomedical vessels.

Key Features

  • Includes fluorimeter, optical fibre, temperature probe, software and sensing patches
  • Non-invasive monitoring, through-package oxygen measurements


  • Monitoring oxygen in sealed food packaging
  • Bioreactor oxygen mass flow control for high yield growth of bacteria

Microplate reader cellular respiration detection

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Ocean Optics’ optical oxygen monitoring kits use light to probe the interaction between a sample and one of their proprietary sensing materials in order to quantify a chemical property of the sample. Their oxygen sensors have been used to monitor biological samples, headspace gases, industrial slurries, cosmetics, foods, and liquids in natural environments.

Recent enhancements to their line of optical oxygen sensors include a more convenient probe option for process environments; Lab Services testing options for chemical compatibility and custom configurations; and redesigned NeoFox Viewer sensor software. The latter has been beefed up with faster response times, a friendlier graphical interface, and additional functions such as data logging capability and LED duty cycle control.

The NeoFox-Kit-Patch, comprises the following components in one convenient kit:

  • NeoFox-GT phase fluorometer
  • RE-FOS-8-KIT – 5-unit package of 8 mm diameter, self-adhesive FOSPOR sensor patches
  • RE-BIFBORO-2 – Bifurcated fiber probe
  • NeoFox-TP thermistor for temperature compensation in convenient, single assembly
  • NeoFox-Viewer operating software

Depending on the oxygen measurement level, the NEOFOX-KIT-PATCH has an accuracy of 0.1% to 0.5% oxygen and resolution from 0.005% to 0.20% oxygen.

Product Overview

  • Fibre optic sensors are more robust and require less maintenance than most electrodes
  • Sensors do not consume or alter the chemical composition of the sample
  • Sensors are less susceptible to environmental changes, moisture, and interfering chemicals
  • Available as a modular configuration (NEOFOX-GT plus sensor probe), as a probe-based oxygen monitoring kit (NEOFOX-KIT-PROBE), or as a patch-based oxygen monitoring kit (NEOFOX-KIT-PATCH)
  • Consider Lab Services testing capabilities to determine chemical compatibility or prove feasibility of custom sensing configurations

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