NIR Spectrometer NIRQuest+ Series

The NIRQuest is a versatile NIR spectrometer for applications ranging from moisture detection and chemical analysis to high-resolution laser and optical fibre characterisation. NIRQuest spectrometers cover the wavelength range from 900-2500 nm

  • Available in preconfigured models
  • NIRQUEST+1.7 (900-1650 nm),
  • NIRQUEST+2.2 Spectrometer (900-2120 nm),
  • NIRQUEST+2.5 Spectrometer (900-2450 nm),  nm),  and
  • custom configurations from 900-2500 nm

Key Features

  • TE Cooled down to -20°C
  • Internal shutter option
  • Interchangeable entrance slit


  • Absorbance
  • Reflectance & Transmittance
  • Moisture content
  • Polymer sorting

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NIRQuest+ NIR Spectrometer Family

NIRQuest+ is the next generation of NIR spectrometer from Ocean Insight. The NIRQuest+ family has an improved optical bench design for higher-sensitivity performance and is available in a configuration well suited for your NIR application.

NIRQuest+ is available in three versions covering different wavelengths from 900-2500 nm. This NIR spectrometer family are ideal for applications including moisture content for fruit sorting; plastics recycling; and chemical concentration measurements. The NIR spectrometer can be used in the lab or on the line, such as on a conveyor belt or in a sample stream.

NIRQuest+ can measure very small changes in absorbed signal, which are typical of harmonic overtones in the NIR. Its higher sensitivity enables better measurement accuracy, particularly in low light conditions. Also, at longer wavelengths, NIRQuest+ measures diffuse reflection at low noise levels, resulting in cleaner spectra at wavelengths where distinct spectral features can be difficult to capture.

NIRQuest+ spectrometers are compatible with Ocean Insight’s comprehensive line of fibre optic light sources, optical fibres and sampling accessories.

Product Overview

  • Preconfigured models across 900-2500 nm – options include 900-1700 nm (NIRQuest+1.7), 900-2200 nm (NIRQuest+2.2) and 900-2500 nm (NIRQuest+2.5)
  • High sensitivity – enhanced optical bench and aperture design for greatly improved spectrometer response, allowing lower limits of detection (LOD)
  • Low LOD – detect weaker sources of NIR light and use shorter integration times to capture necessary spectra
  • Thermal stability – thermoelectric cooling to -20 °C for low dark current performance
  • Flexible applications – ideal for moisture content of fruits and grains; identification of plastics in recycling; and chemical concentration measurements
  • Configurability — compatible with Ocean Insight light sources, optical fibers and accessories



Wavelength Range:
900nm – 2.5μm
Optical Resolution:
3.13 nm FWHM (typical)
5.47 nm FWHM (typical)
6.25 nm FWHM (typical)
Integration Time:
1ms – 120s


InGaAs linear array
InGaAs Linear Image Sensor
Entrance slit:
25 µm


182 x 110 x 47 mm
1.18 kg (without power supply)

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