OL 459 Tunable LED calibration source

The OL 459 Tunable LED Standard is designed for use as a reference source when calibrating VIS & NIR imaging cameras, photometers, colorimeters, and other optical instruments. The user can define various reference spectral profiles to suit the application requirements of the devices under test.

Key Features

  • LED-based Source
  • 26 LED Wavelengths are Provided
  • Continuous Spectrum Across the Visible/ NIR Wavelength Range
  • Compact, Portable Design
  • Integrated Monitor Detector
  • High Uniformity Output Exit Port
  • USB Connection for Remote Control
  • Internal Hour Meter Tracks Usage
  • Includes Software and SDK package

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Introducing the OL 459 Tunable LED Standard

Experience unrivaled calibration precision with the OL 459 Tunable LED Standard, a state-of-the-art reference source designed for calibrating VIS and NIR imaging cameras, photometers, colorimeters, and various optical instruments. Tailor your calibration to perfection with its tunable LED technology, enabling you to define multiple reference spectral profiles to suit your specific application requirements.

Housed in a sleek and portable enclosure, the OL 459 features a 6-inch diameter integrating sphere, auxiliary reference port, keypad/display panel, luminance monitor, internal high-power multi-LED input source, and advanced control electronics. Its compact design ensures easy transportation, making it an ideal choice for on-site calibration and laboratory use.

Unleash your calibration prowess with the OL 459’s five temperature-controlled LED channels. The intuitive keypad/display panel lets you effortlessly monitor and adjust driving currents and luminance for each channel. With remote control capabilities via USB interface and supporting software, you gain ultimate flexibility to manage profiles and driving currents conveniently from your Windows PC.

Unlock efficiency with the OL 459’s internal storage, accommodating ten spectral profiles and four calibration factors. Access your preferred settings instantly from the keypad & display, streamlining your calibration processes like never before.

Dive into a world of versatility with the OL 459’s comprehensive LED channel selection, including blue, green, red, deep red, and NIR. Experience a continuous spectrum across the visible and NIR wavelength range, delivering unparalleled accuracy for a wide range of optical instruments.

Customisation takes centre stage with the OL 459. Tailor your experience by choosing from different sphere sizes and source wavelength ranges. Additionally, request specific chromaticity, luminance, and spectral radiance calibrations, ensuring a perfect match for your unique needs.

The OL 459’s high uniformity output exit port and integrated monitor detector guarantee consistent and reliable results. Track usage with the internal hour meter for easy maintenance planning.

As a testament to its capabilities, the OL 459 comes with a comprehensive software and SDK package, empowering you to harness limitless custom profiles and calibrations. Experience the full potential of this cutting-edge calibration tool in your hands.

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