OpenPlex SPR Imaging

Flexible Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging System

Designed to meet the demands of biologists, biochemists and biophysicists, the OpenPlex is a flexible surface plasmon resonance imaging system.
OpenPlex is your companion for the development of label-free and multiplexed bio-assays and molecule detection. It is a robust and compact system designed for simple use and high versatility. Its open format, dedicated sensor chips and manual operation enable numerous types of experiments to be explored without compromise, covering chemistry, biochemistry, physico-chemistry and biomolecular interactions.

Open your research areas with OpenPlex! Choose between three different flow cell configurations without concession:

  • Normal flow cell for standard surface plasmon resonance imaging experiments
  • Window flow cell, compatible with fluorescence measurements
  • Cuvette cell, compatible with electrochemistry measurements

Key Features

  • Label-free interaction analysis
  • Real-time monitoring of kinetic curves
  • Determination of affinity/kinetic parameters
  • Multiplexed imaging (up to 400 spots)

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Open Research Platform for Fast and Easy Kinetic Interaction Monitoring

OpenPlex SPR Imaging platform is the ideal solution for the development of label-free multiplexed bioassays and biomolecules detection. It uses Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) imaging to track the real-time binding of molecules on multiple spotted areas located on a sensor chip. Typical applications include biosensor development, pathogen detection, water monitoring, nanotechnology and surface characterisation.

SPRi Technology for Real-Time Label-Free Biomolecular Interactions

OpenPlex uses Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging (SPRi) to follow label-free binding events in real-time.

SPR measures modifications of the refractive index located at the surface of a sensor chip, which can be correlated to mass variations. Binding events create local changes of the refractive index, and therefore changes of reflectivity (∆R) of the incident light at a fixed angle. Thanks to the imaging capability, multiple interactions can be monitored simultaneously.

Multiplexing: Performance and Speed Combined

The imaging configuration of OpenPlex dramatically enhances the throughput of conventional SPR.
Ligands molecules are immobilized in an array format onto the sensor chip surface and are screened against the interacting partner in the sample solution.

Running hundreds of molecules in one biochip without labelling will shorten your time-to-result significantly!

Instant Information about Molecular Interactions From Real-Time Display of Spots

Binding events are followed in real-time on the kinetic curve (sensorgram) and also on the SPRi difference image. White areas on the SPRi difference image correspond to areas where binding has occurred – giving a clear Yes/No answer to molecule detection.

Biosensor Development – Biomolecule Detection

Gold nanostructures or quantum dots can increase OpenPlex sensitivity for detecting biomolecules. Here, the combination of nanotechnologies and SPRi allows the detection of bacterial RNA (picomolar concentrations).

Binding Analysis

OpenPlex can measure affinity and kinetic rates involving various types of biomolecules including DNA, RNA, proteins, peptides, antibodies, oligossacharides, and more.

Biofilm Dynamics Monitoring

The unique imaging capability of SPRi brings you the image function so you can see in real-time any modification occurring on the sensor chip surface. For example, biofilms dynamics can be analysed from different surface coatings simultaneously.

Simplicity and Flexibility Combined

OpenPlex can work with different optional flow cells to give you more flexibility. Two possibilities are offered:
one flow cell with temperature control and other with different configurations, which can be used to work in
a static mode (no flow) or to combine SPRi with other techniques such as Fluorescence or Electrochemistry.


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