QEPro-Raman Series Spectrometers

QEPro Raman high sensitivity spectrometers for Raman

The sensitivity and large dynamic range of the QE Pro combine to make it the highest-performance miniature spectrometer in its class. Absorption, reflectance, fluorescence and Raman measurements all benefit from the superior performance of the QE Pro. For advanced measurements, a 15,000 spectra buffer ensures data integrity at high collection rates and an advanced optical design and thermoelectric cooler combine to provide thermal stability over long-term measurements. Whether for high speed or wide concentration range measurements, the QE Pro brings exceptional performance to your lab or process application.

Key Features

  • Available wavelengths
    • 532 nm, offering maximum sensitivity for samples that do not suffer from autofluorescence
    • 638 nm, often used for biomedical applications and for SERS
    • 785 nm, yielding excellent Raman spectra for most chemicals with limited interference from fluorescence
    • 830 nm, access to the fingerprint region whilst minimising interference from fluorescence
  • Small footprint, light weight, high sensitivity Raman system
  • TE cooled 2D back thinned CCDs for superior sensitivity


  • Biotechnology applications
  • Protein & Nucleic acid analylsis
  • Polymer analysis

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Product Details

The QE Pro-Raman+ product family comprises preconfigured spectrometers for 532 nm, 638 nm or 785 nm Raman excitation.

Designed with gold-coated mirrors and a back-thinned FFT-CCD detector, QE Pro-Raman spectrometers offer a low noise floor even at long integration times. The ability to deliver sharp peaks from weak Raman signals makes QE Pro-Raman spectrometers an excellent choice for Raman analysis of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, illicit drugs, explosives and organic materials.

The 785 nm Raman excitation option — the QE Pro-Raman+ — has optical bench enhancements that provide even greater sensitivity, giving users the ability to detect even weaker Raman signatures.

Product Overview

  • Portable – small footprint, light weight, fiber optic-based spectrometer
  • Sensitive – high quantum efficiency optical design
  • Powerful – signal-to-noise ratio of >1000:1 (single acquisition)
  • Stable – cooled detector allows low light detection and extremely long integration times

QE Pro Raman+ Setups

The QE Pro Raman+ can be used with Raman lasers, probes, SERS substrates and sample holders as a complete system.

  • Detect weaker, elusive Raman signatures
  • 3x sensitivity improvement enables faster measurements
  • Low noise electronics and detector cooling push limits of detection even lower
Raman Excitation WavelengthRaman ShiftResolutionExample Applications
532 nm4429 cm-123 cm-1Inorganic materials analysis
638 nm2820 cm-112 cm-1Biomedical applications, trace analysis of pesticides and explosives
785 nm3002 cm-114 cm-1General purpose use, chemical identification, organics analysis
830 nm2311 cm-113 cm-1Biochemical analysis, applications requiring suppression of fluorescence signal
1064 nm2400 cm-115 cm-1Pigment-rich materials and tissue analysis
Note: Although these units all start at 0 cm-1 wavenumbers, the total Raman shift
depends on the Raman probe and laser that are used. A typical starting point for such
setups is 150 cm-1, which relates to the width of the laser line filter used in the probe.

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