SWIR-384 Hyperspectral Camera (900 to 2500 nm)

Hyperspectral camera operating upto the SWIR spectral range – 2,500nm – with high frame rates.
Ideal for samples that need the extra spectral range than achieved with the NIR-HR and NIR-HR+ hyperspectral cameras.
A perfect hyperspectral camera option for art science/conservation applications.

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Spectral Range: 900-2500 nm

Spectral Resolution:   ≤ 12 nm
Whilst size, shape, colour, and surface texture of food can be easily measured by conventional machine vision systems, the prediction of many other parameters, such as fat, sugar and moisture content, protein, material homogeneity, or materials hazardous to the consumer can all be detected quickly and simultaneously by hyperspectral SWIR imaging systems.
HSI implementation into food production systems also enables accurate high speed sorting. The spectral signature (much like a human “fingerprint”) of the material, combined with the spatial information, allows excellent determination of substandard product, contamination, presence of foreign bodies, as well as defects by colour, shape and size, as well as package seal integrity inspection.
ClydeHSI’s advanced machine learning and classification algorithms built into their software then allow discrimination methods to be set up for the process line and the output can be applied in real time to interface to gravity, paddle separators, or robotic arm pickers etc.

Technical Specifications

Mode of OperationPush-broom
Spectral Range1000 – 2500nm
Optical Spectral Resolution≤12nm
Spatial Pixels (Cross Track)384pix
Spectral Pixels288pix
Smile and KeystoneSub-pixel across output field
Camera OutputUp to 14
Camera InterfaceCameraLINK
Frame RateUp to 450lfps
Lens MountC-mount
Input Voltage24V

Note: specifications under typical/expected operating conditions, however these can vary depending on the exact application and specific configuration.


ClydeHSI manufacture push-broom (line-scan) hyperspectral imaging cameras of high spatial and spectral purity and measurement systems that are used in a wide range of applications, ranging from scientific research to industrial inspection tasks. These hyperspectral cameras measure a line image one line at a time and register spatial position across the line while simultaneously recording the optical spectrum at each spatial position.

Push-broom scanning is well suited for industrial inspection tasks at high-speed and can also be used in scientific tasks using one of our motorised scanner solutions.

At ClydeHSI our responsibility does not simply end at selling a hyperspectral camera – we value the opportunity to comprehensively support our customers for all of the components needed to deploy a hyperspectral camera in real world applications: light sources, fully compatible objective lenses, complete hyperspectral scanning solutions, high-level user and OEM SDK software as well as technical support and training packages.

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