UXL-75XE Xenon arc Lamp

Ushio’s UXL series are high pressure, short-arc xenon discharge lamps. UXL spectral distribution is well balanced in the visible spectrum to resemble daylight. The high gas fill pressure provides high luminance and high luminous efficacy. Fast ignition and a stable arc are what Ushio has achieved with the UXL lamp design.

Voltage: 12.5 V

Wattage: 75 W

Amperage: 5.4 A

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UXL Series Short Arc Lamp

UXL series are high pressure xenon discharge lamps. Xenon gas is rarely found in the atmosphere as is krypton gas, and thus it is called a rare gas. The most important feature of the UXL series is their close resemblance to daylight in terms of their spectral distribution.

UXL series are made of quartz glass with metal bases at above atmospheric pressure to provide high luminance and high luminous efficiency. These lamps are widely used in cinema-projectors worldwide. The lighting circuit for the UXL series is composed of an ignition device and a DC power supply. DC power is required to maintain the stability of the arc.


  • The luminance of the arc of Ushio xenon short arc lamps is very high while the size is very small. Thus, USHIO xenon short arc lamps are used in applications such as searchlights and projectors.
  • USHIO xenon short arc lamps display a near continuous spectral output in the visible region of light making colour rendering quality very close to natural daylight, a feature that has many advantages when using the lamps in applications as a standard light source. USHIO xenon short arc lamps also have a relatively strong distribution in the infrared region of the spectrum and are used as infrared radiation sources as well.
  • USHIO xenon short arc lamps ignite and stabilise in moments compared with mercury arc lamps which require several minutes to reach stable operation. Also, the colour does not vary as a result of input power variations.

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