Vista series – nano-IR Atomic Force Microscope

PiFM nano‑scale chemical mapping

The most advanced mapping technique available

Create chemical absorption maps of nano-scale features in a matter of minutes. Understand material phase distributions or contaminants and defects using high-resolution nano-IR images.

  • Less than 5 nanometre spatial resolution
  • As little as 5 minutes for a 250px fixed-wavelength image


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Vista One (Photo-induced Force Microscope)

The original PiF Microscope for nano-IR chemical analysis. Vista One makes nanoscale chemical maps and point spectra with more detail than FTIR or nano-FTIR.

Characterise at the highest resolution

Sub-10 nm PiF‑IR spectroscopy

  • 1 wavenumber spectral resolution with a widely tunable laser for nano-IR experiments
  • Mono-layer molecular sensitivity

Sub-10 nm PiFM nano-IR chemical mapping

  • Mono-layer molecular sensitivity
  • Organic and inorganic materials

Built to handle any light

A 3D-actuated parabolic mirror focuses excitation light onto the side of the tip no matter what wavelength of light is used.

Fast cantilever alignment

Our cantilever alignment chip ensures that optical alignments are maintained for both the AFM feedback and near-field lasers during cantilever changes.

Designed for high throughput measurement

  • Tunable IR lasers can sweep a full PiF‑IR spectrum in as little as 100 ms.
  • Use existing FTIR spectra to identify materials.
  • Fixed-wavelength PiFM images can be acquired in minutes with a range of up to 80 µm in X and Y.
  • Optical alignments are maintained even when changing samples.
  • hyPIR™ imaging and our automated principle component analysis tools provide complete image and spectral data‑sets with minimal effort.

Capacitive sensors + optical encoders

Our motorized stage features 6 mm travel and optical encoders for precision control. The capacitive sensors in our AFM scanner ensure linear scans with a ~100 pm RMS precision.

Dual Z

Image samples faster without introducing artifacts. Our dual Z‑piezo scanner system provides accurate scans with a large 12 µm vertical range.

Invar construction

Both the head and scanner are made of invar for the best thermal stability possible.

Low profile stability

Our low-profile AFM head allows us to use top objective lenses with high numerical apertures. This provides an excellent optical view of the sample. The head also features the most stable mount configuration for low drift and acoustic stability.

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