VNIR-HR Hyperspectral Camera (400 to 1000nm)

Hyperspectral Camera

High spectral resolution (≤ 3 nm FWHM) and high optical throughput, the VNIR-HR hyperspectral camera is the choice for many research and high-speed applications in the VNIR spectral range that require the best hyperspectral imaging performance.
ClydeHSI push-broom hyperspectral cameras are essentially a specialised type of line scan camera – they measure one line at a time and at each pixel point along that line they measure an optical spectrum. This is an optically efficient process and permits both high-spatial and spectral resolutions to be obtained.
Different applications therefore require different scanning systems to enable effective hyperspectral imaging, and the type of hyperspectral scanning solution required therefore depends upon the camera and the application requirement. Given the vast and varying range of hyperspectral imaging applications, each with different applicational requirements, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to designing and implementing a hyperspectral imaging system.

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VNIR-HR Hyperspectral Camera

Spectral Range: 400 – 1000 nm

Spectral Resolution: < 3 nm

High resolution, high optical throughput hyperspectral imaging camera. Perfect for high-speed applications in the VNIR range.

Every ClydeHSI scanner is a complete ‘turn-key’ hyperspectral solution which includes: spectral camera, scanning stage, lighting system, focus target, reflectance standard, and data acquisition, viewing and analysis software. We also offer unlimited technical support directly to all of ur customers for the lifetime of their system – as standard.

Mode of OperationPush-broom
Spectral Range400 to 1000nm
Optical Spectral Resolution≤3nm
Spatial Pixels (Cross Track)2560pix
Spectral Pixels2048pix
Smile and KeystoneSub-pixel across output field
Camera OutputUp to 14
Camera InterfaceUSB-3, GiGe, CameraLINK
Frame RateUp to 420lfps
Lens MountC-mount
Input Voltage24V

Note: specifications under typical/expected operating conditions, however these can vary depending on the exact application and specific configuration.


ClydeHSI manufacture push-broom (line-scan) hyperspectral imaging cameras of high spatial and spectral purity and measurement systems that are used in a wide range of applications, ranging from scientific research to industrial inspection tasks. These hyperspectral cameras measure a line image one line at a time and register spatial position across the line while simultaneously recording the optical spectrum at each spatial position.

Push-broom scanning is well suited for industrial inspection tasks at high-speed and can also be used in scientific tasks using one of our motorised scanner solutions.

At ClydeHSI our responsibility does not simply end at selling a hyperspectral camera – we value the opportunity to comprehensively support our customers for all of the components needed to deploy a hyperspectral camera in real world applications: light sources, fully compatible objective lenses, complete hyperspectral scanning solutions, high-level user and OEM SDK software as well as technical support and training packages.

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