WP Raman Spectrometer Series

Wasatch Photonics’ flagship Raman spectrometer series delivers superior sensitivity & speed in a choice of flexible, compact footprints. They offer configurations that adapt to your needs, from research in the lab to product development for the field. Choose from modular Raman spectrometers, semi-integrated models with onboard laser, or fully integrated Raman systems, all in a compact footprint. At Wasatch Photonics, they focus on creating the most flexible, sensitive, and robust Raman spectrometers possible, so that you can focus on the answers Raman spectroscopy can provide.

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Upgrade your current Raman setup with this sensitive standalone spectrometer, or build a new system from the ground up. Either way, you’ll have maximum configurability in choice of laser and sampling optics, and control over resolution and signal level with Wasatch’s user-interchangeable slit.

Make it a complete, fully modular Raman setup:
• Add a laser and Wasatch’s unique user-configurable probe or your own sampling optics
• Switch between liquid and powder samples with a multipurpose sampling chamber
• Install Wasatch Photonics free ENLIGHTEN™ software or use their SDKs to write your own code
• Receive a free trial of KnowItAll Raman Identification Pro for Raman libary matching

Detector Cooling Options

Wasatch Photoncis offer three detector cooling options for their Raman spectrometers, allowing you to balance your desired signal to noise and temperature stability against power draw and cost for maximum value:

  • Ambient (-A): No detector cooling; follows temperature of environment
  • TEC-regulated (-R): Detector is cooled externally to 10°C
  • TEC-cooled (-C): Detector has integrated cooling to -15°C

Wasatch Photonics have made it their mission to design compact, portable Raman spectrometers without compromise – instruments that deliver superior sensitivity at a cost-effective price point. They place one of their own perfectly matched, patented volume phase holographic (VPH) gratings at the heart of every spectrometer. With uniform response and low loss, these gratings enable a compact and highly efficient all-transmission optical design that minimises loss and maximises stability for consistent, high-SNR spectra.

Raman Spectrometer & System configuration options

ModularSemi-IntegratedFully IntegratedSpectral Range
WP 248400-3200 cm-1
WP 405300-3700 cm-1
WP 532150-3200 cm-1
WP 532 EXR100-5000 cm-1
WP 633WP 633 Raman system275-2000 cm-1
WP 785WP 785 + laserWP 785 Raman system270-2000 cm-1
WP 785 ERWP 785 ER + laser100-3600 cm-1
WP 830WP 830 + laserWP 830 Raman system250-1850 cm-1
WP 1064WP 1064 Raman system250-1850 cm-1

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