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Ocean Optics Modular Spectroscopy

Ocean Optics (Ocean Insight) is the market leader in modular spectrometers and custom spectroscopy solutions, using spectral technology, application expertise, and manufacturing scalability to help customers take on important challenges for a safer, cleaner, healthier future. Contact us now to discover their selection of pre-configured spectrometers or custom made sensing solutions.

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Particle Characterisation & SPRi

Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging offers a new generation of label-free biomolecular analysis, providing information on kinetic processes binding affinity, analyte concentration and real-time molecule detection.

Particle characterisation instruments utilise a range of analytical techniques including, nanotracking analysis (NTA), dynamic and static image analysis, and NMR relaxation.

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Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy is a powerful technique that provides information about vibrational and rotational transitions in molecules that can be used for detailed chemical analysis of solids, powders, liquids, and gases. This fast and non-destructive measurement technique can be applied to a wide range of applications including fundamental research, routine process control and materials identification.

Raman spectroscopy, is a light scattering technique, whereby a molecule scatters incident light from a high intensity laser light source. Most of the scattered light is at the same wavelength (or colour) as the laser source and does not provide useful information – this is called Rayleigh Scatter. However a small amount of light (typically 0.0000001%) is scattered at different wavelengths (or colours), which depend on the chemical structure of the analyte – this is called Raman Scatter.

A Raman spectrum features a number of peaks, showing the intensity and wavelength position of the Raman scattered light. Each peak corresponds to a specific molecular bond vibration, including individual bonds such as C-C, C=C, N-O, C-H etc., and groups of bonds such as benzene ring breathing mode, polymer chain vibrations, lattice modes, etc.

Typically a Raman spectrum is a distinct chemical fingerprint for a particular molecule or material, and can be used to very quickly identify the material, or distinguish it from others. Raman spectral libraries are often used for identification of a material based on its Raman spectrum – libraries containing thousands of spectra are rapidly searched to find a match with the spectrum of the analyte.

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Surface Metrology

Non destructive, surface sensitive techniques for measuring film thickness, optical constants, surface topography and surface structure with molecular resolution.

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Duetta fluorescence spectrometer

Fluorescence Spectroscopy

From macro to micro, steady state fluorescence, fluorescence lifetimes, FLIM, Hybrid instruments and microscope based solutions, we offer the most comprehensive range of Fluorescence instrumentation for your research and analytical and requirements.

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Materials Characterisation

High performance analytical instrumentation for the characterisation of the chemical, electronic and physical properties of existing and new materials.

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UV/Visible/NIR Spectroscopy

Leading design and manufacturing capabilities combine to offer subassemblies, gratings, spectrometers, and detectors up to complete systems,UV through to FIR.

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