Tunable PowerArc – Broadband Xe Light Source

Tunable 75W Xe Light Source

The Tunable PowerArc illuminator can be customized to suit many different applications. Combined with HORIBA’s available accessories, including our full line of monochromators and sample compartments, a specialised setup can be created for any experimental requirement.

Key Features

  • Continuously tunable from 180 to 2200 nm CW or pulsed (ms to ms)
  • Continuously adjustable bandpass from 0 to 25 nm
  • Up to 30 mW of Optical Power
  • Push button start and simple dial the wavelength tunability
  • No Ozone venting required

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Consisting of a unique arc lamp housing tightly coupled to a 0.2 meter monochromator, the Tunable PowerArc™ Illuminator is a self aligned tunable light source that generates milliwatts of intensity and offers the versatility of continuous wavelength and bandwidth selection. The wavelength can be set manually or, for ultimate flexibility, it can be scanned under computer control. The Tunable PowerArc™ Illuminator could not be easier to operate. The system requires no ozone venting, and with the 75 watt xenon lamp no cooling is required. Simply push the start button and dial the wavelength and bandpass of output that you require.

The Tunable PowerArc™ Illuminator covers a broad range of scientific, OEM and research applications such as:

  • Detector calibration
  • Photochemistry
  • Photo-activation
  • Photobiology
  • Photovoltaics
  • Solar simulators
  • Spectroscopy
  • Optical teaching labs
  • Dermatology

At the heart of the  PowerArc™ tunable light source housing is a proprietary on-axis ellipsoidal reflector. Our reflectors collect up to 70% of the radiant energy from the arc lamp, as compared with only 12% for typical condenser systems in vertical lamp housings. The ellipse literally wraps around the arc lamp, collecting 5 to 6 times more output power than a conventional system.

The arc source is located at one focal point of the ellipse, and the radiation is reflected by the ellipse to the secondary focus which is actually outside of the lamp housing. Since the light is brought to a focus by reflection rather than refraction (through a lens), there are less losses from absorption or lens-surface back-reflection. This design is so efficient that a PowerArc™ lamp housing can deliver  up to 11 times more optical power into a given smaller area than a conventional lamp housing. This is critical when illuminating light guides, monochromator slits, pinholes or other small areas.

Optical Specifications
Optical powerUp to 20 mW (grating, bandpass & wavelength dependent)
Spot size at slit exit5 to 10 mm (lamp and slit dependent)
Diverging beam angle (full)14.5 degrees
Numerical aperture (N.A.)0.12
Optical noise0.07% RMS
Optical stability0.2%
Power Supply Specifications
75 Watt Switch Mode Power Supply75 to 150 Watt Universal Power Supply
Input (user selectable)90–274 V AC, 50–60 Hz105–120 V/60 Hz or 210–240 V/50 Hz
Power rating50 to 100 watts0 to 150 watts
Operating voltage10 to 25 volts10 to 24 volts
Operating current3 to 7 amps0 to 8 amps
Pre-ignition voltage65–75 V DC> 85 volts
Ripple at max current< 3% peak to peak< 10 millivolts
Stability after warm-up0.5%0.2%
Line voltage regulation< 0.5% current variation for 5 volts line change0.1% current variation for 5 volts line change
Monochromator Specifications (using standard 1200 line/mm ruled grating)
Focal length200 mm
Aperture ratioF/4 (calculated using grating width)
Wavelength range180 nm to 2.2 microns (grating dependent)
BandpassContinuously adjustable from 0 to 25 nm
Reciprocal linear dispersion4 nm/mm
Resolution0.25 nm
Scattered light0.02% two bandwidths from 365 nm Hg line
Accuracy+/- 0.25 nm (using motorizing option under computer control)
Reproducibility+/- 0.25 nm
Grating size50 x 50 mm

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