ViewSizer 3000 – Nanoparticle Tracking Analyser

Multi-Laser Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA)

The ViewSizer 3000 uses the latest advances in nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA) to accurately determine particle properties!

Size Measurement Range: 10 nm to 15 microns depending on sample

The ViewSizer determines particle size and size distribution details by multi-laser nanoparticle tracking analysis (NTA). Multiple lasers enable analysis of a broad range of sizes in the same sample.

Concentration Measurement Range: 5 x 106 to 2 x 108 particles/mL

NTA can be used to count particles in the measurement volume. A patented method corrects for the effect of particle size on effective measurement volume.

No cross-contamination

The sample cell can be completely removed and dissassembled for complete cleaning. Disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly is faster than rinsing a flow cell. Furthermore, multiple cells can be used for faster throughput or assigned to various groups in a shared (core) facility.

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Simultaneous Multi-Laser Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA)

Analyzing nanoparticles such as colloids, viruses, proteins, and extracellular vesicles (EV) is inherently  challenging. These particles are too small to image with visible light and must be imaged by laborious electron or scanning microscopy. Dynamic light scattering and laser diffraction have been successfully used to determine particle size and size distribution. These techniques are fast and accurate for certain samples, however, as they are ensemble techniques, high resolution distribution information cannot be obtained.
The ultramicroscope and conventional single-laser nanoparticle tracking have been used with only partial
success since the wide range of sizes present in many samples means that scattering from the largest particle
is bright enough to saturate the detector and eliminate any hope of learning about smaller particles. This known
problem is discussed in ISO 19430:2016 Particle size analysis — Particle tracking analysis (PTA) method where
it states, “…Sample polydispersity affects the ability to track and therefore analyse different size fraction in
particle number-size distribution.” To overcome these long-standing problems, the ViewSizer 3000 integrates
three simultaneous operating lasers with independently adjustable power to enhance particle detection from 10
nanometres to 15 microns.

The ViewSizer 3000 exploits advanced hardware and software to visualize scattered light from individual
particles in suspension. This data is then used to determine particle movement and infer particle size using
the Stokes-Einstein relationship. Furthermore, since the illuminated sample volume is well known along with the number of particles imaged, particle number concentration is readily determined. Thus, from a single measurement, two critical pieces of information are determined: particle size distribution and particle concentration even for polydisperse samples.


Measurement Range10 nm to 15 μm
Typical Sample Volume350 µL to 2.5 mL
Typical Sample Concentration
(Sample dependent)
10^5 – 10^9 particles/mL
Sample Temperature Range
10° C to 50° C +/- 0.1° C
Dimensions55 cm W x 66 cm D x 35 cm H
Weight27 kg
Operational Environment15° C to 30° C with < 85% RH

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